1. Four Way Stop


She stayed at a four way stop forever
And asked me
“where do we go from here?”
You know we can’t back up
Only look at what’s up front
20/20 hindsight won’t steer us clear

She asked if this would last forever
Or if we were just a streak of pleasure
Don’t reach if it’s out of our grasp
Let’s hold on to what we have
Got to quit looking out
your rear view mirror

Are you afraid
of what you’ve found?
Don’t pass it by,
just give it some ground
Please don’t make me beg you dear
You can’t talk yourself
out of this one
Can’t I make it any clearer?

Don’t wait at a four way stop forever
Look at all the places
we can go from here
There’s a bright road up ahead
Hold my hand and hear what I’ve said
Don’t wait at a four way stop forever

Written by: Tommy Von Jim
Copyright 2019 - All Rights Reserved