Arriving late to the latest party,
I sacrificed the latest movie
Maybe I’ll go in my sports car,
take the limo if it’s not too far
I’m a back seat film star

Check my coat, sporting tuxedo,
Masquerade, I’m incognito
Stroke of luck, everyone sees me,
Couldn’t buy this kind of publicity,
Everyone sees me now

I grab a blond, I think she’s famous,
glassy eyes, I know she’s painless
Blasted at the cocktail party,
couldn’t buy this kind of publicity
Oh the possibilities!

Later on I’m the life of the party,
dancing one in front of the TV
Drunken fool I don’t feel so good,
toss my cookies
all over Miss Blueblood
Time to say “So Long!”

Driving home highway patrolmen,
a thousand bucks I think
will control them
Bum a dime to call my attorney,
don’t need this kind of publicity
Everyone sees me

Arriving late from the latest party,
I sacrificed the latest movie
This time they say that
I’ve gone too far,
Chauffeured home in a police car
I’m an out of work star

Oh Oh, what will I do?
I don’t know. What will I do…

Written by: Tommy Von Jim
Copyright 2019 - All Rights Reserved