1. Two Candles


Dark cold and lonely
my nights have been
Looking for someone
to show me the way

Running a race,
never knowing I’d win
Your light brought me
towards you
I’m wanting to stay

I am telling you
And you’re showing me
I am telling you

Two candles burn
brighter than one
Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Ooo
Be my other flame

With you I know
what it’s like to be a real man
I swear this feeling
was way overdue
Life has finally
dealt me a fair hand

And I am telling you
And you’re showing me
And I am telling you

Now that you brought
the sun to my nights
I’m filled with the warmth
that only two can share

I give you my heart
you give me your light
No reason to live alone,
it’s clear that we care


Written by: Tommy Von Jim
Copyright 2019 - All Rights Reserved