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  1. Televised Love


In love with Teri Hatcher
is no way to be
Turn off my TV
and I see reality

Millions of guys are all
in love with the same girl
Seems she the most beautiful
in all of the world

Televised love, it turns me on
And in a couple of weeks now,
well our lovers they’ll be gone

Killed by the Nielsens,
we won’t see them again
And televised love
soon comes to an end

This year’s model is traded in
for this year’s girl
And the CSI gang,
always get their man
Giving you and me
a safer world

The roving video eye,
takes us behind the scene
Of our lovers and friends,
so we can pretend
that our problems are
lean and mean


Written by: Tommy Von Jim
Copyright 2011 - All Rights Reserved